I am interested in fluidity; of emotion and reason, memory and reality.  I want to question the boundaries of our understanding of ourselves and the world around us by creating unusual forms that are simultaneously recognizable and enigmatic, evoking equal parts curiosity and unease.   I often play with balance and fragility in these forms, allowing them to appear to either be on the brink of collapse or mid-awakening.   These works serve as Rorschachs, inviting the viewer to project their own perceptions and experiences onto the work, informing their interpretation. 

In these works I am pulling in from a wide range of materials and references.  My recent incorporation of floral and decorative elements references the vanitas tradition, with an exploration of mortality and the fluidity of our ephemeral life cycle.  As in the memento mori tradition, there are unsettling moments captured through the incorporation of raw, sculpted organs which carry with them both symbolic weight as well as the power of discomfort.  I have an uneasy relationship with beauty and instead often turn towards the discord created when attraction collides with the grotesque, creating an intriguing and challenging tension. 

I also often play with unexpected materials, creating rock formations sometimes out of foam and concrete and others through growing real crystals directly onto ceramic sculptural armatures.  This experimentation is playful and encourages my interest in exploring the unknown, balancing expectation with mystery and reality with fantasy.